Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Health and Appearance

With every treatment we provide at Plymouth General Dentistry, we strive to give our patients access to every benefit possible. The benefits of dental crowns at our New Hampshire practice are vast and life changing. Our dental crowns patients see improvements in their oral health and the aesthetics of their smiles while experiencing the advantages of choosing such a cutting-edge practice. There are no two ways about it - Plymouth General Dentistry is one of the best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Crowns can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits to the right patients.

Oral Health Benefits

Broken, decaying, or missing teeth can all have a detrimental affect on your oral health. Chips or cracks in your enamel can harbor disease- and decay-causing bacteria that may further damage your teeth and gums or even lead to tooth loss. Missing teeth, on the other hand, can cause your entire bite to shift out of place, which may cause problems with your temporomandibular joint. Dental crowns can improve your oral health by:

  • Strengthening your bite and your teeth
  • Maintaining your facial and jawbone structure
  • Making it easier to clean your teeth
  • Improving your chewing form and function, eliminating unnecessary wear and tear
  • Replacing decayed material

Aesthetic Benefits

Your smile is one of your most expressive features, and if you don't feel comfortable showing it off, you may find yourself hesitating to speak, laugh, or smile. At Plymouth General Dentistry, we understand how important it is to feel good about the way your teeth look and we will make sure to balance your aesthetic goals with those pertaining to your oral health to ensure the most satisfying results. One comment we hear time and again from our happy patients is how natural their dental crowns look. Particularly when a single tooth is being restored, it's essential that we match the color of the crown to that of your other teeth. Additionally, our laboratory experts have mastered the artistry of ceramic restorations over the years and sculpt beautiful masterpieces for your smile. The dental crowns we place are so well done it's often hard for people to notice that any restorative work has been done. Our goal is for you to still look like yourself - just an improved version of yourself.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Kirschner and the Plymouth General Dentistry team have gone to great lengths to make our practice something to be proud of. We use the most advanced techniques, follow the safest protocol, and work with one of the best dental laboratories in New Hampshire. With every patient we see, we learn something new about our practice, our patients' expectations, and how we can grow to meet your needs. Every member of our team is driven by the same goal: to provide you with spectacular yet affordable dental care in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Learn More about the Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you think you could reap any of the many benefits provided by our dental crowns procedure, we welcome you to contact Plymouth General Dentistry today and schedule a consultation. We all look forward to showing you the possibilities hidden in your smile.

Joan Kirschner, DDS

Plymouth General Dentistry
Joan Kirschner, DDS

Plymouth General Dentistry is a friendly, patient-focused, privately owned practice. Dr. Joan Kirschner has practiced dentistry since 1983, and she is proud to be affiliated with:

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You can request an appointment at our office by contacting us online or calling (603) 536-4301.

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