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Choosing a dentist to trust with your family's oral health is a big decision, but Plymouth General Dentistry has made it a little easier for you. Between the compassion we all have for our patients, our vast experience and education, and the advanced techniques we employ, Dr. Joan Kirschner's practice is second to none for general dentistry care in New Hampshire. We have created an environment in our office that will make you feel like a member of our family and we pride ourselves on the open, relaxing atmosphere. To schedule a consultation, contact Plymouth General Dentistry today.

Protect Your Bite

No matter how much cosmetic work is done to your smile, if you begin with a poor foundation, your oral health will suffer. Dr. Kirschner focuses much of her general dentistry practice on ensuring her patients' jawbones and bites are properly aligned and healthy.

Bruxism, or the habitual grinding of your teeth, can be detrimental to the structure of your bite and the condition of your jawbone. Dr. Kirschner can provide custom-fit night guards to help reduce the negative effects of grinding your teeth.

TMJ disorder refers to the misalignment of your jawbone, which can cause excessive wear on the joints. There are a number of treatments available today that can be used to halt the effects of TMJ disorder.

Protect Your Teeth

Building an oral hygiene routine will help you keep your teeth in great shape, in and out of the dental office. Dr. Kirschner recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day to break down plaque and bacteria build up. Flossing on a daily basis keeps the debris from collecting between your teeth.

Biannual appointments with Dr. Kirschner will keep your teeth looking and feeling healthier than ever. Your regular checkups with us will include deep cleanings, diagnostic X-rays, and a series of tests for gum disease and oral cancer.

Protect Your Gums

The gums are as important to the foundation of your smile as your bite and our Plymouth General Dentistry team uses a variety of treatments to ensure the health of the soft-tissue of your mouth.

Periodontal (gum) disease is caused by plaque, which builds up on your teeth. When left untreated, irritated gum tissue can separate from the teeth and cause bacteria-harboring pockets. Dr. Kirschner's hope is to help you avoid periodontal disease, but in the case that it becomes an issue, her advanced treatments will help reverse the damage done to your gums.

Oral cancer can be found on the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, and roof and floor of the mouth. The oral cancer screenings we perform as part of our routine checkups at Plymouth General Dentistry allow Dr. Kirschner to stay up-to-date with changes in the cells of your mouth.

Learn More about General Dentistry

If you want to find a dentist who can take care of your oral health for a lifetime, look no further. Dr. Kirschner and our Plymouth General Dentistry team are always excited to meet new patients and we look forward to finding ways to meet your dental healthcare needs. Make an appointment with us by contacting our office today.

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