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Dental Implants

Dental implants can be the best way to replace your missing teeth, prevent jawbone shrinkage, and restore your smile's form and function.

Dr. Joan Kirschner of Plymouth General Dentistry in Plymouth, NH, can restore your dental implants with lifelike, customized restorations.

How can Dr. Kirschner's restorations complete the implant process and make dental issues related to missing teeth a thing of the past?

Dental Implants Offer Many Benefits

Dentistry professionals consider implants to be the best solution for missing teeth. Here's why:


Implants are usually made of titanium, which, with proper dental care, can last a lifetime in your jawbone.

Improves Jawbone Health

Your jawbone can shrink and weaken where natural teeth are missing. This can cause serious dental issues. Implants are the only solution that prevents jawbone atrophy.

Better Support for Dentures

Traditional full-arch dentures are held in place by dental adhesive, so they can fall out or slip. Dentures that Dr. Kirschner attaches to implants stay firmly in place, allowing you to eat and talk with confidence.

Improves Your Appearance

Besides the gaps in your smile, missing teeth can also give your cheeks a shriveled, aged look. Implants with attached restorations can fill out your face and smile, making you look younger and healthier.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Missing teeth can make biting and chewing downright painful. Restorations attached to implants allow you to eat pretty much anything you want, including nuts, raw fruits, and crunchy vegetables.

Better Speaking Ability

Did you know that your tongue needs teeth to pronounce words? Just one missing tooth can cause garbled speech. Implants can improve this dental issue.

A Look at Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are surgically placed to act as artificial tooth roots. Crowns, dentures, or bridges are then attached to a connector in the implant called an abutment. These dental restorations will be expertly customized to match the look of your natural teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or every tooth, a dental implant consultation at Dr. Kirschner's practice in Plymouth, New Hampshire, is the first step to restoring your smile and oral health.

I'm Interested in Dental Implants

Does Dr. Kirschner Do Placement Surgery?

She does not. However, Dr. Kirschner will restore your implants with high-end dental restorations. Here's how it works:

  • Dr. Kirschner partners with trusted oral surgeons in the Plymouth area of New Hampshire who are some of the most skilled doctors in dentistry.
  • After your implants are placed by the surgeon, you will return to Dr. Kirschner's Plymouth, NH, practice to have your customized restorations attached.
  • Dr. Kirschner and your surgeon will work together to make your implant experience as effective, precise, and comfortable as possible.

Outstanding Reviews for Dr. Kirschner's Practice


Kay Stuart


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I have nothing but good things to say about the wonderful staff at Plymouth General Dentistry. They go above and beyond to provide professional and compassionate care. I really like that they told me everything that they were doing and asked repeatedly if I was doing alright. This is the best Dental practice I have been to and I would not consider going anywhere else for my dental care.

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Robin Dorff


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Cannot say enough about Dr. Kirschner and Plymouth General Dentistry. They simply provide the best in dental care I have experienced in six different states! Dr. K has assembled an amazing team out front and behind the scenes that tops them all. Combining first-class professional care with exceptional personal concern, they have always impressed in so many ways. Thank you!

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Don't Let Missing Teeth Affect Your Life Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation

Patients in the Plymouth, NH, area have been coming to Dr. Kirschner for general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for over 30 years. Why? One big reason is that we are not part of a soulless corporation, like other "local" practices. This allows Dr. Kirschner and her warm, friendly staff to give you the personalized, welcoming treatment you and your family deserve.

Ready to replace missing teeth with dental implants? Contact us today either by phone or email. Our entire staff looks forward to meeting you.

Dr. Kirschner and staff

The Plymouth General Dentistry Difference

Dr. Kirschner prides herself on the compassion she has for her patients. Her caring nature and extensive experience provide a wonderful experience for patients of all ages. Her tight-knit team of hygienists and office staff creates a family-like atmosphere in the office that makes patients feel welcome. Having your teeth replaced with dental implants and restorations can be a big decision, both time-wise and financially. Our team is here to walk you through every step of this worthwhile journey.

Affordability Is Important to Our Patients

If the cost of implant dentistry is concerning to you, you can take advantage of convenient financing through CareCredit® to make any out-of-pocket fees more affordable. We also offer discounts to seniors and to patients who are able to pre-pay for treatment. Dr. Kirschner wants you to have the smile you desire regardless of budget limitations.

How the Dental Implant Process Works


First, you will have a thorough, state-of-the-art exam at Dr. Kirschner's practice to determine if your jawbone is healthy enough to support dental implants. If you are a good candidate, you will be referred to a local oral surgeon for the implant placement procedure.

Implant Placement

During your implant surgery, local anesthesia will be administered to keep you comfortable. If the surgeon offers sedation, you can request it to keep your procedure stress-free and painless. Once you are comfortable, the surgeon will make small incisions in your gums. Then, he or she will place the titanium implants through the incisions and into the jawbone, after which the incisions are closed. Temporary restorations may be placed to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.


After the dental implant surgery, a healing period of three to six months is required. During this time, osseointegration, the fusing of bone and implant, will occur, firmly anchoring the implant in position.


Once your dental implants are integrated with your bone, you will return to the oral surgeon for a minor surgical procedure to place abutments on the implants. Abutments connect restorations to implants. A healing period of about two weeks is usually required before the next, final step.


When healing is complete, Dr. Kirschner can attach your permanent crown, bridge, or denture to your abutments. Your restoration will be crafted based on precise models of your bite, so it should fit perfectly in your mouth. You will leave our Plymouth office ready to show off your new, complete smile.

Bring Confidence Back to Your Smile

An older couple smiles together after their dental implant procedure
Dental implants provide stable, secure support for restorations so you can smile, speak, and chew with confidence.

Our Plymouth, NH, Patients Love Dr. Kirschner


Douglas Ross


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My Daughters and I have been recieving excellent care from Dr. Kirschner and her team at Plymouth General Dentistry ever since she moved to the area. I am fortunate to recieve regular cleanings from her hygienists. The ladies in the front office are extreemly helpful in all aspects of scheduling, reminder phone calls in advance (as well as an email confirmation) explaining billing - what is and what might not be covered by insurance. If anyone moving to the Plymouth area was looking for a dentist for themself or their family I would encourage you to give the office a call.

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Kathy Cipriani


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I love my dentist! Dr. Joan Kirschner is one amazing woman! I was blessed to not only find such a knowledgeable dentist, but the kindest soul I have ever met. She is honestly a part of my family. She has helped me out in these tough times, without a blink of an eye. I don’t have the words to describe how much she means to me and how much I appreciate her. Dr. Kirschner and her team post positive messages everyday! They put a smile on my face, and yes, sometimes I laugh out loud! They are kind, caring and beautiful human beings. FYI, I don’t have any cavities! If you’re in need of a dentist, don’t hesitate to be part of Dr. Kirschner’s family!

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Joan Kirschner, DDS

Plymouth General Dentistry
Joan Kirschner, DDS

Plymouth General Dentistry is a friendly, patient-focused, privately owned practice. Dr. Joan Kirschner has practiced dentistry since 1983, and she is proud to be affiliated with:

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You can request an appointment at our office by contacting us online or calling (603) 536-4301.

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