Enjoy the Benefits of Porcelain Crown Treatment By Joan Kirschner on September 06, 2019

Porcelain crownDental damage weakens the teeth and increases the risk of infection and other dental complications. When a tooth has suffered moderate to severe degrees of decay or injury, a dental crown is likely to be the most suitable restorative dentistry treatment.

Dental crowns repair damage and rebuild the tooth to restore the health, strength, and beauty of the smile. Porcelain crown benefits are numerous, which is one reason why Dr. Joan Kirschner is so proud to offer these restorations to our Plymouth, NH, patients.

Improved Oral Health

The primary goal of a porcelain crown is to improve a patient’s oral health. Dental crown treatment allows Dr. Kirschner to rebuild a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay or oral trauma. During dental crown treatment, all damaged or infected tooth material is removed so that only the healthy core of the natural tooth remains.

Advanced Strength and Protection

After a tooth has been reshaped, a porcelain crown is placed over the natural tooth. A porcelain crown replaces lost tooth structure to strengthen the tooth so that our Plymouth patients can comfortably perform all oral functions.

In addition to strengthening the tooth and restoring oral functions, a porcelain crown protects the tooth from future dental complications. The porcelain crown acts like a shield to block out bacteria so that it cannot reach the pulp or roots of a tooth.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Many cases of dental damage have an obvious impact on the appearance of the smile. Damaged teeth may look worn down, misshaped, or discolored. A porcelain crown enhances the size, shape, and color of a tooth that has suffered structural damage.

In addition, because porcelain crowns are customized to each patient’s unique needs, they will blend in seamlessly with adjacent teeth. Porcelain crowns allow our Plymouth patients to enjoy the best version of their natural smile.

Ease of Care

When a dental restoration is placed, patients often worry about how difficult it will be to keep them clean and intact. Once a porcelain crown is placed, it will not shift out of place, so it can be cared for just like the natural teeth. Patients can continue to brush and floss like usual, and are free to use all the dental products that they used prior to dental crown treatment.

Impressive Lifespan

Porcelain crown treatment may initially seem a little costly to some patients, but their long lifespan makes them a good investment. Porcelain crowns are made of durable materials that can bite, chew, and withstand all normal oral functions. When porcelain crowns are well cared for and proper precautions are taken to avoid structural damage, they should last for many years. The average porcelain crown lifespan is around 10 years, but it is possible for these restorations to last even longer.

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If you have experienced tooth decay or have suffered an oral injury, don’t let it affect your smile. A porcelain crown can rebuild your tooth to restore the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. To learn more about this restorative dentistry treatment, call (603) 536-4301 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Joan Kirschner.

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