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Per CDC guidelines, PGD has placed high quality, HEPA filtered air cleaners at the foot of each treatment chair (and in our entrance area).

Going far beyond CDC guidance, we were the first medical practice to “double up” on our air filtration efforts by adding the new “Clean Air Curtain 800 Series” air purifiers.

These six units (designed by Air Cleaners, Inc. of Bristol) are deployed above eye-level in each treatment area. Each Clean Air Curtain combines a HEPA filter with a UV-C bulb (which irradiates the air within the unit after it passes through the HEPA filter)

The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

By Joan Kirschner on June 25, 2015

Close shot of woman’s smile with dental mirrorIt seems obvious, but no less important: maintaining a healthy smile requires diligent daily dental care. At Plymouth General Dentistry, Dr. Kirschner and our staff provide a full suite of general and restorative dentistry treatments to help you preserve and repair your teeth. We perform regular dental cleanings and exams at our convenient Plymouth practice. With these preventive services, we can identify and correct any oral health conditions before they become more problematic, uncomfortable, or difficult to treat. Dr. Kirschner and our team can also enhance the appearance of your smile and make suggestions about how you can improve your oral hygiene at home. Read on to learn more about dental cleanings and exams and find out why they’re vital for your smile. 

How Often Should You Have Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Typically, we recommend that patients undergo dental exams and cleanings at least twice per year. However, Dr. Kirschner may recommend more frequent appointments if you are at high risk for decay or suffer from certain oral health conditions.

What Happens during a Dental Exam?

When you come in for a routine visit, we will assess every aspect of your oral health to diagnose any diseases or disorders. Early detection is key to proper dental care. To evaluate your smile, Dr. Kirschner and our team may:

  • Take x-rays to learn more about your jawbone structure, gum tissue, and teeth
  • Perform oral cancer screenings to look for any abnormalities in your periodontal tissue
  • Use a magnifying glass, special instruments, and other tools to look at your teeth and gums
  • Ask you about any symptoms you are experiencing and answer your dental questions

Based on this information, Dr. Kirschner will determine if you require treatment. If so, she will discuss your options with you and individualize your procedure according to your needs, preferences, and budget.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The second part of your regular visit is a dental cleaning. During this process, one of our hygienists will use dental tools to remove accumulated plaque, tartar, and debris from your teeth. We will also assess the function and condition of your restorations, using special techniques to clean them. Next, we will polish your teeth to make them even cleaner and smoother. Finally, we will gently floss between your teeth and below your gum line to remove any additional plaque, tartar, or particulate matter.

Our Emphasis on Preventive Care

Dr. Kirschner and our team are committed to helping our patients enjoy gorgeous smiles and excellent overall health, so we emphasize preventive care at our office. Unfortunately, many patients put off coming to the dentist until they suffer from a more pressing condition such as decay or infection. Many dental conditions have subtle symptoms, but can worsen and become quite detrimental if left untreated. Attending routine appointments can help you save time, hassle, money, and discomfort in the long-term.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam and Cleaning Today

Being conscientious about your preventive care can help you avoid dental damage and enjoy a dazzling smile. Contact Plymouth General Dentistry today to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning with Dr. Kirschner and our team.

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